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What is Motivational Interviewing?

" When it comes to change, ambivalence and resistance are the norm" 

Helping people change is challenging. If you are working with people in most capacities, especially in health and human services you know at times it can be frustrating helping people move in a positive direction. Only a small percentage of patients follow the regimens that doctors prescribe (Prochaska, APA Conference in Toronto, 2003). Why won’t people do what they know is good for them? Why don’t we do what is good for us? For the most part change means giving up “the status quo” with habits and other things we have grown accustomed to. There are pros and cons to change and the process involves weighing both and deciding which way to go. Most have learned that just telling people what to do does not work. Motivational interviewing provides helpers another way to guide people by moving through the ambivalence and not around or against it.  Not only is the recipient empowered but providers are too.

What is Motivational Interviewing? 

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a proven method of practice, involving strategies and techniques for eliciting a person's own arguments and plans for making positive changes. At the heart of motivational interviewing is an understanding that people have expertise in knowing what has worked and not worked for them throughout their lifetime. This counseling style is collaborative in nature and sees the person as an equal partner in creating the paths to change by tapping into their own intrinsic motivation.

MI, which was initially envisioned as a method for helping people change addictive behavior in 1983, has proven to be effective in several other areas including mental health, health care, health promotion/prevention, as well as environmental impact initiatives. 

Live On-Line Trainings:

  • Will introduce you to the fundamental basics of motivational interviewing as well as the skills and tools to use in your work with others

  • Will give you opportunities to practice the skills and techniques 

  • Will give you a chance to talk about what you are learning in small and large group discussions

  • Will give you opportunities to give and receive feedback


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